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If you would like to take part in a weekend of teachings or meditation, or even a retreat, all pertinent information can be found in the program.

If the Dhagpo Kagyu center is new to you, learn about its history, daily life at the center You'll be introduced to the Center's Western, as well as its Tibetan teachers.

Dhagpo is not limited to the main center in Dordogne, there are also smaller centers, known as KTT, located all over France.

The Dhagpo Kagyu Ling Institute, a four-petaled flower which is just now unfolding was recently created. The four facets of the institute are :

the library, the centers for study, or meditation, and the branch devoted to

" exchanges and action ":

- Semdrel : Support and solace for the dying and the bereaved ( french).

- The Education Project : reflecting and sharing ideas about school and education (french).

- Establishing a meaningful dialog with adolescents : workshops, meetings and exchanges (french).

Dhagpo Kagyu Ling also provides spiritual and moral support for an educational project in the Himalayas known as " The school in the sky ".

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Buddhistisches Zentrum Wuppertal
Förderung des Kloster Kundreul Ling in le Bost und Laussedat
Projektförderung Congregation KDC, Frankreich
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Förderprogramme für buddh. Praktizierende, Laien und monastische Sangha
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